Editorial Statute

A HOUSE IN LISBON is an editorial and personal publication, 100% independent, which aims to bring added value to those who, for some reason, are interested in the real estate market, particularly in the residential sector. The information found here can be classified in only two categories: facts or author perceptions (it is important to remember that the last are, by definition, fallible).


Since the author is the guy who dedicates these lines to you, there is something important you should know: I am a real estate consultant. Which could imply that my professional activity could, at least in theory, affect or be affected by some of the content published here. But the purpose of this second paragraph is not to question what I just ensured in the first. It exists for just one reason. To give you, the reader, the power to build your own opinion, based on objective information and facts. Because this is precisely the reason of being of this publication: provide you with relevant data to help you make more informed decisions about topics that matter to you.

by Marta Caldas Barreiro

My name is José Cabral and I was born in Lisbon, in 1980.When I was 7 and moved house for the first time, I remember drawing the floor plans of the houses we visited and telling my parents I wanted to be an architect. I wanted to be many other things in between but I still didn't know exactly what I wanted when I got in Sociology at ISCTE and entered the SCML Volunteering Central Nuclear (where I remained as a volunteer for 9 years).


Meanwhile, I started working for TAP Airlines and later for BES, which I ended up leaving to embrace some personal projects. Among which my blog, also published in a book, O ALFAIATE LISBOETA, winner of the category Best Digital Communication in the FASHION TV AWARDS (until then I had only won the "most greedy" award in the Scouts, a 50m backstroke competition and the high school cross-country. But, more than anything, I might be proud of something else: there is not one sentence in that blog sponsored by a brand. Not one.


And yes, what I'm trying to tell you is that my path consisted of rejecting financial benefits, in return for being able to simply say what I think and truly believe in (although I am the first to acknowledge that this statement would be much more worthy if someone else said it). Along the way, I wrote for the newspaper METRO, the national editions of VOGUE and GQ magazines and the newspaper EXPRESSO. I launched J.LISBON, a men's clothes online shop (which led me to technical bankruptcy, and made me discover how, with some sacrifice, one can be proud of not owing one single cent to a single supplier) and created the rainwear brand CAIÁGUA.


As a real estate consultant, I began at Porta da Frente | CHRISTIE'S and am currently an agent at RE/MAX COLLECTION, of Siimgroup. It was this activity that helped me perceive the lack of relevant information (or, sometimes, even shameless information) conveyed in this field, and that sometimes leads people to make options that are less favorable to their own interests. This was the biggest motivation to create A HOUSE IN LISBON: share my small experience and show you the perception of someone on this side to try and create added value to others.